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New Features and Improvements

Margin Targets

GV8 now has the ability to create user targets based on the local margin value and margin percentage of quotes from the sales and forecasts lists.

Users are now able to define user targets based on local margin value and margin percentage per week, month, quarter and year and also are able to create target charts and heat tables based on margin user targets for the sales list and forecast list

Winman Integration

Winman integration now available from asset store

  • Documents & Templates:
    • [GVCRM-10840] - Document production can run multiple instances at once
  • Emails:
    • [GVCRM-9674] - Email Management - Able to send emails from GV with no issue


Gold-Vision delivers a framework of forms and portal tools that can improve your customers experience and assist with customer satisfaction. 

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  • Accounts
    • [GVCRM-10532] Performance improvement for Correspondence section in Accounts
    • [GVCRM-10121] Notes appear correctly against the correspondence section 
    • Administration Settings:
      • [GVCRM-10711] To-Do list label for date and number field restored
      • [GVCRM-10537] User Targets - Able to save a new user target 
      • [GVCRM-10549] Reference Numbers - Users able to save new settings 
    • Documents & Templates:
      • [GVCRM-10201] Loading spinner fixed when saving linked folder dialog without making changes 
      • [GVCRM-10202] Saving a folder link no longer prevents three dots and view select from opening
      • [GVCRM-10203] Dismissing the delete folder dialog twice no longer displays "Empty Folder" tile
      • [GVCRM-10204] User able to create folders that start with a number
      • [GVCRM-10205] Warning dialog when uploading a file with an existing name
      • [GVCRM-10206] Creating a folder with a duplicate name shows specific error 
    • Lists & Dashboards:
      • [GVCRM-10715] Scroll paging working on lists
      • [GVCRM-10717] Item details on hover displayed in lists
      • [GVCRM-10464] Users unable able to edit closed items
      • [GVCRM-10484] Resolved a Stats issue so that clicking stats on quote value lists correct results
      • [GVCRM-10485] Adding Column to list view doesn’t add Stats value for an Opportunity when no Opportunities exists
      • [GVCRM-10510] (TouchPoints) Expander icon restored in list view
      • [GVCRM-10540] Improved the rendering of Sub-lists on iPad
      • [GVCRM-10543] List Design - When inline editing shows the loading placeholder during loading state
      • [GVCRM-10574] List Design - Add Column, filter type matches field type
      • [GVCRM-10575] List Design - Alerts list buttons restored
      • [GVCRM-10577] List Design - Columns width issue addressed
      • [GVCRM-10580] Fields with highlight are rendered correctly on mobile
      • [GVCRM-10592] Magnifying glass present on list/ split screen view
      • [GVCRM-10632] Switching list option doesn’t prevent use of Multi-Select options
      • [GVCRM-10492] List print layout shows selected data
      • [GVCRM-10491] Loading spinner on stats dialog
      • [GVCRM-10159] Enabled filtering against the report view on iPhone devices
      • [GVCRM-10200] Icon for grid view when list view is the users default
      • [GVCRM-10435] You can delete items using multi select
      • [GVCRM-10437] Inline editing no longer moves columns along one to the right
      • [GVCRM-10445] Error removed in Seminar Bookings List 
      • [GVCRM-10112] Printing a list does includes the column headers in the document
      • [GVCRM-10114] Search and Filter displays columns when viewing the Map view
      • [GVCRM-10383] You can pin a list containing any bracketed filter (e.g. [a-z]) 
      • [GVCRM-10119] Displaying "no results" against a main list no longer causes the columns to move
    • Opportunities & Quotes:
      • [GVCRM-10637] Reorder Quote Lines dialog tided up
      • [GVCRM-10431] Quote items on Quote - drop down icon restored
      • [GVCRM-10432] Opportunity State options available
      • [GVCRM-10433] State field no longer duplicated in Quote list 
    • Activities & Appointments:
      • [GVCRM-10534] Can create new item without locking browser
      • [GVCRM-10542] Attendees option no longer missing from main view menu
    • General:
      • [GVCRM-10547] New Item dialog display height aligned correctly
      • [GVCRM-10548] LinkedIn icon now displaying
      • [GVCRM-10590] Google Geocoding restored
    • Campaigns and Connect:
      • [GVCRM-10585] Resolved an Issue with Adding recipients to Campaign Source
      • [GVCRM-10446] Campaign overview section run button restored
    • Email Tracking:
      • [GVCRM-10232] Resolved an issue where connecting to Exchange mailboxes was failing

  • Administration Settings:
    • [GVCRM-9905] - Screen Designer Improvements and Field Validation
    • [GVCRM-8929] - Bulk replace – Settings available to control who has permissions to bulk replace
    • [GVCRM-9243] - List Designer - Multi drop Item fields are available in Event Bookings List Design
    • [GVCRM-9534] - Alerting - Send Emails/ Alerts to Support Manager is now available
    • [GVCRM-9955] - Configuration Admins can add a Tooltip against a field
    • [GVCRM-9860] - Drop Options are displayed in the order they are saved against the Screen Designer.
    • [GVCRM-9260] - List Designer - All Quote List Design Fields are available to add to Quote Sub List in Opportunities
    • [GVCRM-9144] - List Designer - Product Sales fields are available to add in Account Product Sales Sub Lists
    • [GVCRM-9799] - 'Add Parent Condition' is available for an Activity Reminder Alert
    • [GVCRM-9939] - Alerting - Triggering an alert when a document production updates fields updates the item fields
    • [GVCRM-10032] - Screen Designer - Field Security – changes in user access is changed correctly
  • General:
    • [GVCRM-9623] - Global Search - Option to Clear Search (Previous and Current)
    • [GVCRM-9633] - Action Centre - To Do list includes user's activities and activities where they are added as a member
    • [GVCRM-8495] - Action Centre - To Do Notifications show the Correct Time Zone
    • [GVCRM-8519] - Project and Account Printout displays sections correctly
    • [GVCRM-9859] - Details fields displays and renders correctly on all Gold-Vision records
    • [GVCRM-9974] - Reporting - Report from Contacts sublist in an Account run as expected
    • [GVCRM-9697] - Notes – Users can select "Set a Reminder" button
    • [GVCRM-9970] - Category Management - Add New Category is an option in Mobile View
    • [GVCRM-9648] - Field Security - System Admin able to edit the field when security is set to "Until Integrated"
    • [GVCRM-9631] - Screen Designer – When Date/Time field is formatted to Date only time no longer displays as well
    • [GVCRM-9706] - Bulk Replace - changes trigger Integration Alerts
    • [GVCRM-9545] - Navigation - Side Menu - 'Settings' is available on Microsoft Surface Pro
    • [GVCRM-9674] - Office 365 Users with Autodiscover Redirection can send emails from Gold-Vision
    • [GVCRM-9977] - Data Imports - Upload Telephone Preference Service is now available
    • [GVCRM-9113] - Events - Sessions bookings planner column headers display correctly
  • Campaigns & Connect :
    • [GVCRM-9460] - Letter Campaign Document Generation runs as expected
    • [GVCRM-9566] - Campaign Stage uploads to Connect in v7 in Hybrid Mode
    • [GVCRM-9931] - Users are able to run Stages where the follow up rule is set to Item Data - Account Manager/Contact Manager
    • [GVCRM-10117] - Contact emails de-duplication runs for Connect Mailshots
    • [GVCRM-9167] - Users can Open a Contact from the All Campaign Contact Recipients List
    • [GVCRM-9900] - Users are able to access Included Accounts/Contacts in Sources
    • [GVCRM-9907] - State field is now displaying the correct State Open / Closed
  • Documents & Templates:
    • [GVCRM-9794] - Users can configure alerts to trigger production of a document with a specific template
    • [GVCRM-9793] - Admin Users can view a list of documents that have been produced
    • [GVCRM-9940] - Users can supply an optional Reference ID when queuing bulk document production (as a tag)
    • [GVCRM-9801] - Users can select Templates and send via Adobe Sign without timeout
  • Lists & Dashboards:
    • [GVCRM-8827] - Users can drill down from Widgets and data is returned
    • [GVCRM-9617] - Geo-Coding - Click reduction for location search
    • [GVCRM-9637] - Zoom available for X&Y-Axis Charts
    • [GVCRM-9836] - Print and export option is available for dashboard widgets
    • [GVCRM-9959] - Filter Options - Ampersand is displaying correctly
    • [GVCRM-9658] - Users can return to main list view after clicking on Map
    • [GVCRM-9671] - List stats button is available for column headings
    • [GVCRM-9724] - Sub-lists stats display correct totals
    • [GVCRM-9787] - Forecast list displays filters correctly on iPad
    • [GVCRM-9618] - Columns display correctly when resizing columns heading in any List View
    • [GVCRM-9128] - Filter by the State drop-down is available in a list when you add a new column
    • [GVCRM-9672] - Users are able to return back to sub-list after drill down
  • Opportunities & Quotes:
    • [GVCRM-9830] - Discount tag shows to six decimal places
    • [GVCRM-9923] - Users can generate Quick Quotes when Opportunity fields have highlighted rules
    • [GVCRM-9926] - Users can add products to Quotes in V7 view in hybrid mode
    • [GVCRM-9766] - Using Comma in Opportunity summary will validate correctly
    • [GVCRM-9778] - User is able to copy a quote when opportunity has additional fields with highlights
  • Lead Management:
    • [GVCRM-9630] - Correspondence is displayed as a default section
    • [GVCRM-9628] - Changing a lead list name in Screen Designer renames its screen name and vice versa
    • [GVCRM-9569] - Callback Date field updating as expected
    • [GVCRM-9613] - "Claim Lead" button is no longer present after Lead discarded and ownership kept
    • [GVCRM-9621] - Assign Leads (Bulk) working as expected for Team Leaders
    • [GVCRM-9992] - Lead List with 'Access Mode: Private' are accessible by System Admins
    • [GVCRM-9990] - Lead Management - Only Team Leaders of the Lead List Team are able Assign Leads
  • Activities & Appointments:
    • [GVCRM-9624] - Calendar View - Selecting a highlight option selects only the specific option
    • [GVCRM-9844] - Calendar Displaying correctly on iPad

Xero Integration

Explore features like invoicing, payroll, reporting and more where you can manage your numbers effortlessly and accurately with Gold-Vision CRM. 
Click here to find out more. 


Do you deal with prospects and customers across many locations but only have one main account relationship? You can now add sites to your Accounts and assign Contacts or Quotes to them. 
Click here to find out more. 

  • Administration Settings:
    • [GVCRM-9777] Users are able to use mail tracking with Office 365 when using impersonation
    • [GVCRM-8959] Touch Points Rules can be effectively created and edited 
    • [GVCRM-8960] List Designer - Duplicated fields are no longer displayed when given a parent drop set 
    • [GVCRM-8987] Screen Designer - Inactive child drop-down no longer displays '(Value Set)' in item when drop-down has parent 
    • [GVCRM-9806] User is now able to open Quote Item screen design when ancestor screens have many fields
  • Documents & Templates:
    • [GVCRM-8155] Document links are clickable from search documents list 
    • [GVCRM-9415] Document Storage - Folder loader plugin loads documents 
  • Lists & Dashboards:
    • [GVCRM-9669] Collapsed List reloads when an item has been edited 
    • [GVCRM-8827] Dashboards - by month shows the 3 letter month name 
    • [GVCRM-9102] Widgets can be edited and deleted 
    • [GVCRM-9522] Data Table wraps text from widget area in dashboard 
  • Opportunities & Quotes:
    • [GVCRM-9193] Quotes – Users are able to edit Quote Line Items after adding a User Defined Field 
  • Reporting & Printing:
    • [GVCRM-9430] Notes digest can be included on Quotes reports 
    • [GVCRM-9564] Date filter can be grouped in reporting
    • [GVCRM-9575] Reports can be ran/exported from a Lead List  
    • [GVCRM-9646] Creating a report from filtered list, retains the order of the filtered list 
  • Activities & Appointments:
    • [GVCRM-9364] Appointments – Users can edit appointments created for a different user 
  • General:
    • [GVCRM-9098] Custom Menus - Once shared with your Team the menu can still be edited 
    • [GVCRM-9100] Bulk replace no longer stuck in loading status
    • [GVCRM-9406] Text fields wrap around text
    • [GVCRM-9424] Parent Item Closure also provides the option to ''Close related activities'' 
    • [GVCRM-9428] Details text field in Products is no longer limited to 2 lines
    • [GVCRM-9466] Users can access plugin logs through the product 
    • [GVCRM-9467] Email recipient field is blank when using ''Forward To''
    • [GVCRM-9547] Users are able to send emails from Gold-Vision using Exchange 2010
    • [CRM-9554] Last Line of Email Body is displayed correctly
    • [GVCRM-9590] Email address field validates email address
  • Lead Management:
    • [GVCRM-9058] Promoted Leads are displayed on Lead Lists 
    • [GVCRM-9528] Users can clone a lead design where the source has the Owner field
  • Events:
    • [GVCRM-9387] Users are able to open Contact records from Attendee Lists

  • Administration Settings:
    • [GVCRM-9043] Group labels for alerts display correctly
    • [GVCRM-9655] Alert configuration screen now shows field names
    • [GVCRM-9643] Drop option from parent designed onto a child screen does not revert back to null on child screen design save
  • Campaigns:
    • [GVCRM-9265] "Campaign Activity Stage" drop down field now available for a contact or account activity
    • [GVCRM-9355] Campaign Source Recipients can be exported if the source name contains backslashes
  • Documents & Templates:
    • [GVCRM-8080] Object links available in email alert template
    • [GVCRM-9201] Documents can be downloaded if containing ampersand in the name
  • Lists & Dashboards:
    • [GVCRM-9238] Column stats in Events available for Attendees
    • [GVCRM-9245] Account Manager and Support Manager can be selected to all List Stats
    • [GVCRM-9250] Widgets can be created with text fields that hold numeric data only
    • [GVCRM-9266] Reporting - 'No Date' filter can be selected from Widgets and Charts
    • [GVCRM-9369] Able to inline edit the Contact Field from Activities and Projects lists
    • [GVCRM-9654] Enhanced user interface: active item is highlighted in a bolder colour from the side list
    • [GVCRM-9377] Can add "Account Country" or "Account Billing Country" fields to Sales or Forecast lists
  • Opportunities & Quotes:
    • [GVCRM-9539] Currency, price list and financial entity are added to the Opportunity and Quote screen as default
    • [GVCRM-8998] Reassigning an Opportunity from one Account to another moves the sales value potential to the new Account
    • [GVCRM-9365] Can add Opportunity Value Won / Lost to list design
    • [GVCRM-9487] Product group available from the Products list
  • Reporting & Printing:
    • [GVCRM-8728] Renamed column headings displayed correctly when report is run
    • [GVCRM-9022] Standard reports now available for all users
    • [GVCRM-9181] Notes Report now available
    • [GVCRM-9334] Time and Date on Exported Reports displays correctly
  • Activities:
    • [GVCRM-8786] In an activities list users can see highlight colours on drop downs for activity types
  • General:
    • [GVCRM-8988] Mandatory fields honoured by item save validation
    • [GVCRM-8569] Web links - http / https - available in text field
    • [GVCRM-8900] Print Notes available including from Correspondence list
    • [GVCRM-8955] Note window created when users click on a phone link
    • [GVCRM-9134] Users are notified when the character limit is reached in Notes
    • [GVCRM-9159] All users can see the Contact Preference Fields
    • [GVCRM-9311] Select function working correctly whilst in a list
    • [GVCRM-9551] ‘CC’ field from reply email displays recipients
    • [GVCRM-9571] Bulk Replace jobs display in the Action Centre
    • [GVCRM-9609] Notes body searching available from summary column filter

Sharepoint Integration

The new Sharepoint integration allows for your Gold-Vision documents to be stored and accessed via a Sharepoint "site". 
Click here to find out more. 

Bulk Document Production

Generate bulk documents from within any list in Gold-Vision and merge to PDF or Word. 
Click here to find out more. 

  • Administration Settings:
    • [GVCRM-8988] Mandatory fields honoured by item save validation
    • [GVCRM-9269] 'New Section' screen design on iPhone displaying correctly
    • [GVCRM-9325] Azure AD is an option in the New Social Authentication list
    • [GVCRM-9319] In Screen Designer users can set visibility rules based on dropdowns for a parent field
  • Campaigns:
    • [GVCRM-8744] Recipients can be excluded from Source
    • [GVCRM-8902] Recipient count displaying correctly in the Campaign overview
    • [GVCRM-9002] Users can manually add Recipients to a Source
    • [GVCRM-9014] Campaigns option is available from the attendee list
  • Documents & Templates:
    • [GVCRM-8521] Documents section on iPhone displaying correctly
    • [GVCRM-9168] Dashboard and Reporting - Lists now refreshing correctly
    • [GVCRM-9173] Users of all levels can generate documents
    • [GVCRM-9301] Upload file size limit default increased to 51mb
  • Events:
    • [GVCRM-9150] Parent item available on a Note when broadcast from an Event Booking
    • [GVCRM-9326] Contact Sub-List in Seminar Bookings now available
  • Lists & Dashboards:
    • [GVCRM-8411] Users are able to drill down list filters from list stats
    • [GVCRM-9257] Item filter displays correctly from dashboard list view
  • Opportunities & Quotes:
    • [GVCRM-9335] Copy Quote - Total tiles displaying correct data
    • [GVCRM-8634] Inline edit cost is available in quote lines
    • [GVCRM-9233] Quote - Margin is calculated automatically without need to manually edit/ save
    • [GVCRM-9461] Currencies drop option orders the base currency at the top and then alphabetically
    • [GVCRM-9313] Price Lists default for an account when creating a quote for a project
  • Reporting & Printing:
    • [GVCRM-9126] Printing Lists - column widths is respected on the print out
    • [GVCRM-9332] [null] filter works correctly for user defined reports
  • General:
    • [GVCRM-9272] Users can create follow-up activities from activities
    • [GVCRM-8287] Date and time for notes is visible on mobile mode
    • [GVCRM-8481] Option to print from Contact record now available
    • [GVCRM-9244] Email Tracking - plain text emails are showing
    • [GVCRM-9288] Action Centre - To Do List & Calendar View display behaving correctly
    • [GVCRM-9290] Bulk replace functioning correctly
    • [GVCRM-9413] Details field has the user and time stamp added to it when text is entered
    • [GVCRM-9395] Creating or viewing a note in Internet Explorer displays a large window for editing the message

Product & Quotes Enhancements

Improved quote product management to enable adding and editing products within a single screen. New tiled overview section is available on the quote screen to display quote value information such as total, discount, tax etc. Product fields are now easily editable where users can expand quote lines and update product information within the same screen and reorder products using drag and drop. 
Click here to find out more. 

Adobe E-Sign Integration

Now Available in Gold-Vision 8 with process improvements. AdobeSign integration enables users to send and receive documents for online signature directly from Gold-Vision. A new E-Sign section can be added using the screen design tool onto any relevant Gold-Vision item to keep track of sent and received documents. Signed documents are automatically saved on Gold-Vision for further use. 
Click here to find out more. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration

Integration now available offering users the ability to synchronise customers, suppliers and transaction history with Gold-Vision and vice versa. Quotes can be pushed to NAV orders/blanket orders/ call-off orders and products can be added in real time from NAV. Accounts’ key financial information is available within Gold-Vision making invoice processing more accurate and efficient.
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Gold-Vision's click-to-dial functionality can now be integrated with third party phone systems that support API or URL-based dialling. Easily enabled from the Integrations Storefront.  Please contact us to find out more about integrating your phone system with Gold-Vision. 
Click here to find out more.

Single Sign On

New Authentication system, allowing users to login into all Gold-Vision product ranges with one account, adding an extra layer of security with two factor authentication. Support for Active Directory / Azure authentication to use your existing business login for Gold-Vision.
Click here to find out more.

Range of speed improvements are included as part of the 8.9 release including quotes, alerts, campaigns
Administration Settings:
  • [GVCRM-8333] Field Name Changes in Screen Design in List Design
  • [GVCRM-9033] Configuring an alert with a dropdown condition
  • [GVCRM-9052] New drop option to link relationships
  • [GVCRM-9269] Admins can add 'New Sections' directly on iPhone
Lead Management:
  • [GVCRM-8871] Users can create Leads Charts
  • [GVCRM-9108] Leads re-assign functionality
  • [GVCRM-9110] Edit and save of leads
  • [GVCRM-8173] Duplicates list information now available
  • [GVCRM-8620] Lead alerts can be deleted
Opportunities & Quotes:
  • [GVCRM-9114] Products codes displayed in the picker list
  • [GVCRM-8365] When upgraded from GV7 to GV8 and in-GV8, live updates retain the Base Currency Code and Symbol
  • [GVCRM-8405] User default base currency reflected in new quotes/quick quotes
  • [GVCRM-8544] Currency can be manually updated from base for new Opportunities
  • [GVCRM-9109] Improved Opportunities Flows view
  • [GVCRM-9202] Product Groups are available for Quote Lines
  • [GVCRM-8584] Linking Emails to Opportunities now available
  • [GVCRM-8637] Contact record can be opened from a Quote
  • [GVCRM-9089] Quote values now updating in real time
  • [GVCRM-9327] Users can select a parent opportunity for a quote
  • [GVCRM-8521] User can view the documents section when using an iPhone
  • [GVCRM-8235] Dormant contact document template creation no longer errors
  • [GVCRM-7883] Recipients # is pulled through to campaign
  • [GVCRM-8536] Marketing recipient, click throughs, and connect preferences available in View menu
  • [GVCRM-8423] Campaign Stage - Send to New Recipients Only checkbox option displays correct choice
  • [GVCRM-8744] Users can excluding recipients from a source
  • [GVCRM-8846] Campaign Stage - Last Sent Date displays the correct date rather than start date
  • [GVCRM-8843] Lead link now activated from a Campaign source
  • [GVCRM-8844] Lead campaign defaults to correct recipient type in follow up stage
  • [GVCRM-8872] Follow up rules now available for Lead Campaigns
  • [GVCRM-8902] Recipient count displaying in the Campaign overview
  • [GVCRM-8908] Lead Campaign Sources respect Lead recipients only (not Account or Contact)
  • [GVCRM-8909] Contacts added to a campaign source now displayed in included column
  • [GVCRM-8914] Campaign Source Overview section now loads for Lead Sources
  • [GVCRM-9002] Users can add Recipients to a Source which is included in a Campaign Stage
  • [GVCRM-9003] Users can create a source from Events
  • [GVCRM-9014] / [GVCRM-9112] Users can create a campaign source from the attendee list
  • [GVCRM-9047] From the Recipients list within a Campaign stage, additional column now possible
  • [GVCRM-9214] Users can create a follow up stage against a campaign created through the quick campaign option
  • [GVCRM-9258] Lead sources do not display excluded Accounts/Contacts
Reporting & Printing:
  • Improved printing available
  • [GVCRM-8481] Users can print Contact information
  • [GVCRM-8542] Exporting to excel – formatting improvements
  • [GVCRM-8885] Export to CSV report – date format & currency symbol displaying correctly
  • [GVCRM-9126] When printing a list the column widths are respected
  • [GVCRM-9168] Users can refresh lists on a Dashboard and for reporting
  • [GVCRM-8118] Email - Reply / Reply All / Forward - CC Recipients from previous emails display in email body
  • [GVCRM-8287] Notes date and time appear when using a mobile device
  • [GVCRM-8329] Calendar (top level list) shows appointments in user's timezone
  • [GVCRM-8560] Default Activities are created as Low priority
  • [GVCRM-8628] / [GVCRM-9130] Bulk Replace issues now resolved including Categories
  • [GVCRM-8865] Address copy down button to Billing address now working
  • [GVCRM-9023] Mandatory fields that are hidden on page load but later become visible prompt for validation
  • [GVCRM-9244] Plain text emails show against correspondence
  • [GVCRM-9324] Users can view Appointments by Month when highlighted by Owner
  • [GVCRM-9251] The Integration third party settings character limit increased from 255 to 500 characters
General improvements for pinning of items & lists across menus and dashboards:
  • [GVCRM-8598] User can pin new items to custom menus
  • [GVCRM-8641] Primary contact available in account activities view
  • [GVCRM-8873] Users can open templates which have been pinned to a menu
  • [GVCRM-9151] Account field available against a Contact Activity
  • [GVCRM-9154] Correspondence section: new filter options now added
  • [GVCRM-9212] Users can create a new widget from a homepage Dashboard

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