New Features and Improvements

Product & Quotes Enhancements

Improved quote product management to enable adding and editing products within a single screen.

New tiled overview section is available on the quote screen to display quote value information such as total, discount, tax etc. Product fields are now easily editable where users can expand quote lines and update product information within the same screen and reorder products using drag and drop. Click here to find out more. 

Adobe E-Sign Integration

Now Available in Gold-Vision 8 with process improvements

AdobeSign integration enables users to send and receive documents for online signature directly from Gold-Vision. A new E-Sign section can be added to screen design onto any relevant Gold-Vision items to keep track of sent and received documents. Signed documents are automatically saved on Gold-Vision for further use. Click here to find out more. 

Navison Integration

Integration now available offering users the ability to synchronise customers, suppliers and transaction history with Gold-Vision and vice versa. Quotes can be pushed to Navision orders/blanket orders/ call-off orders and products can be added in real time from Navision. Accounts’ key financial information is available within Gold-Vision making invoice processing more accurate and efficient.

Gold-Vision's click-to-dial functionality can now be integrated with third party phone systems that support API or url-based dialling. Easily enabled from the Integrations Storefront.  Please contact us to find out more about integrating your phone system with Gold-Vision. 

Single Sign On

New Authentication system, allowing users to login into all Gold-Vision product range with one account, adding an extra layer of security with two factor authentication. Support for Active Directory / Azure authentication to use your existing business login for Gold-Vision.

  • Range of speed improvements are included as part of the 8.9 release including quotes, alerts, campaigns
  • Administration Settings – following options now available
    • [GVCRM-8333] Field Name Changes in Screen Design in List Design
    • [GVCRM-9033] Configuring an alert with a dropdown condition
    • [GVCRM-9052] New drop option to link relationships
  • Lead Management – following fixes are provided:
    • [GVCRM-9108] Leads re-assign functionality
    • [GVCRM-9110] Edit and save of leads
    • [GVCRM-8173] Duplicates list information now available
    • [GVCRM-8620] Lead alerts can be deleted
  • Opportunities & Quotes
    • [GVCRM-9114] Products codes displayed in the picker list
    • [GVCRM-8405] User default base currency reflected in new quotes/quick quotes
    • [GVCRM-8544] Currency can be manually updated from base for new Opportunities
    • [GVCRM-9109] Improved Opportunities Flows view
    • [GVCRM-8584] Linking Emails to Opportunities now available
    • [GVCRM-8637] Contact record can be opened from a Quote
    • [GVCRM-9089] - Quote values now updating in real time
  • Documents
    • [GVCRM-8235] Dormant contact document template creation no longer errors
  • Campaigns
    • [GVCRM-8536] Marketing recipient, click throughs, and connect preferences available in View menu
    • [GVCRM-8423] Campaign Stage - Send to New Recipients Only checkbox option displays correct choice
    • [GVCRM-8846] Campaign Stage - Last Sent Date displays the correct date rather than start date
    • [GVCRM-8843] Lead link now activated from a Campaign source
    • [GVCRM-8844] Lead campaign defaults to correct recipient type in follow up stage
    • [GVCRM-8872] Follow up rules now available for Lead Campaigns
    • [GVCRM-8908] Lead Campaign Sources respect Lead recipients only (not Account or Contact)
    • [GVCRM-8909] Contacts added to a campaign source now displayed in included column
    • [GVCRM-8914] Campaign Source Overview section now loads for Lead Sources
    • [GVCRM-9047]From the Recipients list within a Campaign stage, additional column now possible
  • Reporting & Printing:
    • Improved printing available
    • [GVCRM-8542] Exporting to excel – formatting improvements
    • [GVCRM-8885] Export to CSV report – date format & currency symbol displaying correctly
  • General:
    • [GVCRM-8118] Email - Reply / Reply All / Forward - CC Recipients from previous emails display in email body
    • [GVCRM-8560] Default Activities are created as Low priority
    • [GVCRM-8628]/ [GVCRM-9130] Bulk Replace issues now resolved including Categories
    • [GVCRM-8865] Address copy down button to Billing address now working
  • General improvements for pinning of items & lists across menus and dashboards
    • [GVCRM-8641] - Primary contact available in account activities view
    • [GVCRM-9151] - Account field available against a Contact Activity
    • [GVCRM-9154] – Correspondence section: new filter options now added
12th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8553] - If field editability rights are set to 'Until Integrated' it becomes readonly to all users

this [GVCRM-8575] - iFrame sections for Quotes not on the first page fails to display

this [GVCRM-8578] - Drop options with a parent link to an ancestor field drop option are not returned by the API Meta

this [GVCRM-8586] - The migration runner can time out on upgrade

11th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8573] - Migration can time out creating actions for lead management screens/lists

10th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8563] - New parent drop functionality breaks API v1

6th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8545] - Users cannot dismiss alerts

this [GVCRM-8546] - Dashboard charts are reduced in size and do not automatically scale

this [GVCRM-8547] - Lists not honouring default 'Open' state filters

this [GVCRM-8549] - Screen tab pages beyond the first display the mobile view

this [GVCRM-8550] - Product list errors on quotes add product selection

this [GVCRM-8552] - Inline editing a product on a quote hides it on screen

5th June 2019

[GVCRM-8167] - When creating a new Contact Activity from clicking the Campaign picker causes an error
[GVCRM-8188] - Lists pinned to menu/homepage that have been paged forward by scrolling do not load the first page of records
[GVCRM-8189] - Error downloading import failures from import tool
[GVCRM-8205] - Status within a lead record is not shown on main list view
[GVCRM-8210] - Leads not retaining Connect opt-in status after promotion to a contact
[GVCRM-8214] - Stats not calculated for additional user defined fields on any list
[GVCRM-8218] - Note alert links from action centre do not load the related item
[GVCRM-8221] - Inline-edit errors if there are no fields in the list that can be edited (could not reproduce)
[GVCRM-8230] - User screen drop options list as "value set" when selected but not valid as an option
[GVCRM-8233] - Date filter on reports not being correctly applied to output
[GVCRM-8258] - List performance slow due to delay between list headers being loaded and data retrieved
[GVCRM-8265] - The "After" date filter is not working for list stats
[GVCRM-8298] - No Template option at Seminar Attendee level
[GVCRM-8307] - Export Campaign Source (to CSV) errors
[GVCRM-8324] - Unable to inline edit 'additional' fields from a list
[GVCRM-8327] - Including Touch Point Score field in Contacts list causes error
[GVCRM-8338] - Document folder path length exceeding maximum allowed causing document storage to fail
[GVCRM-8356] - Not possible to add contacts individually to a campaign source
[GVCRM-8371] - Stats widget errors for the account type field in opportunities list
[GVCRM-8399] - Have to click the X icon twice to get back to the parent item / list
[GVCRM-8404] - Unable to use the multi select to edit the top level activities list
[GVCRM-8418] - Saving user defined seminar booking attendee field as geo-coded errors
[GVCRM-8426] - 82147S: Users are unable to view emails imported into Gold-Vision
[GVCRM-8431] - User defined fields are missing from the quote items sub-list
[GVCRM-8446] - User defined drop field showing the guid instead of the drop option text in quote lines list
[GVCRM-8447] - Google geocoding not processing
[GVCRM-8461] - Users able to run Connect campaigns when they are not a Connect user, which silently fail
[GVCRM-8463] - Campaign media type is set to Email (Standard) by default - change to Email (Connect)
[GVCRM-8464] - Loqate API services discontinue legacy TLS support
[GVCRM-8470] - Sections based on "IFrames" are not rendered at their full height in IE
[GVCRM-8479] - Re-licencing an SSO enabled instance that results in a different Customer Key causes SSO to break
[GVCRM-8480] - Selecting a value for an Additional Multi-Select field causes an error message to be issues
[GVCRM-8484] - Pre-dedupe check is showing mandatory fields (that are not set to de-dupe)
[GVCRM-8489] - Upgrading the IdentityModel version in Gold-Vision causes SSO to break
[GVCRM-8494] - Unable to display the (AC_MUID_1) additional multi-select field in the accounts list
[GVCRM-8496] - 82467S: Quote templates are not working since last update
[GVCRM-8532] - Upgrading version 8 removes denormalised muid links table data
27th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8451] - Internal update to 8.5.0 failed - migration pre-checks for unexpected layouts and objects

7th May 2019

[GVCRM-2485] - Error occurs when creating campaign stage follow-up rules for Account Manager (cannot reproduce)
[GVCRM-7405] - Document storage fails with access denied error (hosted product)
[GVCRM-7502] - Notice board does not load in correspondence view (won't fix)
[GVCRM-7507] - Scheduled quotes first column heading not pulling through (cannot reproduce)
[GVCRM-7882] - Promoting a lead with no contact name creates a blank contact
[GVCRM-7885] - 80725S: Selecting a start date against a project with no end date on screen errors
[GVCRM-7984] - Activities list missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7985] - Account list missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7986] - Appointments List missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7987] - Basic User list missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7988] - Contacts List missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7990] - Notes list missing fields and missing some field links for API consumption
[GVCRM-7991] - Opportunity list missing fields and missing some field links for API consumption
[GVCRM-7992] - Product List missing fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7993] - Quotes list missing fields and missing some field links for API consumption
[GVCRM-7995] - Top Level Quote Items List missing key fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-8042] - Saving a contact displays an error (Cannot reproduce)
[GVCRM-8106] - Charts don't update when the list filter changes (Could not reproduce)
[GVCRM-8165] - Additional fields for activity screens causing opportunity and project activity sub lists to error
[GVCRM-8169] - When adding an Account Activity from a Seminar the Seminar field is not pre-filled and an error occurs when clicking into the field
[GVCRM-8170] - Can't use funnel search on emails
[GVCRM-8179] - Error on first loading Flows view from Activities list
[GVCRM-8180] - Lead setting 'Invalidate Lead emails already in Gold-Vision' not being respected
[GVCRM-8182] - Data Transfer Service exposing un-handled exceptions when run via plugin service
[GVCRM-8191] - Blanket XML validation causing performance lag - validation only required on change
[GVCRM-8240] - Cloning a lead design throws an error
[GVCRM-8250] - Mobile sublist counts always show "0"
[GVCRM-8255] - Slow performance due to un-cached per-user designs
[GVCRM-8266] - Unable to create new fields in screen designer for Accounts/Contacts
[GVCRM-8269] - Global search performance slow in Chrome (switch to use websockets)
[GVCRM-8272] - Additional MUID tables are missing on Gold-Vision 7 to 8 upgrades
[GVCRM-8284] - Performance improvement for lists (not loading associated screen designs unless required)
[GVCRM-8288] - Showing and hiding of backwards and forwards navigation logic incorrect
[GVCRM-8290] - Version 7 to 8 upgrades fail when implementation uses lead lists
[GVCRM-8293] - Performance for new items slow due to un-cached loading of screen design
[GVCRM-8294] - Performance of screens using visibility rules slow due to multiple unnecessary calls to load rules
[GVCRM-8303] - Not possible to use list item paging controls for email search list
[GVCRM-8305] - Installation process creating duplicate plugin service
[GVCRM-8316] - Twitter Social Auth token generation does not work
[GVCRM-8317] - Facebook Social Auth token generation does not work
[GVCRM-8332] - Outbound phone calls made not showing in the top level call record list
[GVCRM-8368] - Some lead lists do not have their database views rebuilt correctly on upgrade
[GVCRM-8376] - Attempting to clone a lead list design that has promotion mappings on "layout columns" causes error
[GVCRM-8378] - Not possible to add users (members) to activities
[GVCRM-8394] - Flagging a field for new and existing de-duplication does not render for new item quick de-duplication
[GVCRM-8417] - Bit fields should not be possible to by made mandatory
[GVCRM-8427] - Saving field config for numeric fields without specifying a default value stores NaN and prevents validation on subsequent saves
[GVCRM-8432] - Access denied message displays incorrectly on screen
[GVCRM-8434] - Opportunity list is not inline editable on some hosted instances
[GVCRM-8439] - Marketing automation processing not running
[GVCRM-8467] - 82393S: Error message on screen design for multi drop field

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