Release Notes

New Features and Improvements
12th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8553] - If field editability rights are set to 'Until Integrated' it becomes readonly to all users

this [GVCRM-8575] - iFrame sections for Quotes not on the first page fails to display

this [GVCRM-8578] - Drop options with a parent link to an ancestor field drop option are not returned by the API Meta

this [GVCRM-8586] - The migration runner can time out on upgrade

11th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8573] - Migration can time out creating actions for lead management screens/lists

10th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8563] - New parent drop functionality breaks API v1

6th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8545] - Users cannot dismiss alerts

this [GVCRM-8546] - Dashboard charts are reduced in size and do not automatically scale

this [GVCRM-8547] - Lists not honouring default 'Open' state filters

this [GVCRM-8549] - Screen tab pages beyond the first display the mobile view

this [GVCRM-8550] - Product list errors on quotes add product selection

this [GVCRM-8552] - Inline editing a product on a quote hides it on screen

5th June 2019

Headline Feature

[GVCRM-4709] - Users can use multi-select to plan a route using the Google maps integration 

[GVCRM-8167] - When creating a new Contact Activity from clicking the Campaign picker causes an error
[GVCRM-8188] - Lists pinned to menu/homepage that have been paged forward by scrolling do not load the first page of records
[GVCRM-8189] - Error downloading import failures from import tool
[GVCRM-8205] - Status within a lead record is not shown on main list view
[GVCRM-8210] - Leads not retaining Connect opt-in status after promotion to a contact
[GVCRM-8214] - Stats not calculated for additional user defined fields on any list
[GVCRM-8218] - Note alert links from action centre do not load the related item
[GVCRM-8221] - Inline-edit errors if there are no fields in the list that can be edited (could not reproduce)
[GVCRM-8230] - User screen drop options list as "value set" when selected but not valid as an option
[GVCRM-8233] - Date filter on reports not being correctly applied to output
[GVCRM-8258] - List performance slow due to delay between list headers being loaded and data retrieved
[GVCRM-8265] - The "After" date filter is not working for list stats
[GVCRM-8298] - No Template option at Seminar Attendee level
[GVCRM-8307] - Export Campaign Source (to CSV) errors
[GVCRM-8324] - Unable to inline edit 'additional' fields from a list
[GVCRM-8327] - Including Touch Point Score field in Contacts list causes error
[GVCRM-8338] - Document folder path length exceeding maximum allowed causing document storage to fail
[GVCRM-8356] - Not possible to add contacts individually to a campaign source
[GVCRM-8371] - Stats widget errors for the account type field in opportunities list
[GVCRM-8399] - Have to click the X icon twice to get back to the parent item / list
[GVCRM-8404] - Unable to use the multi select to edit the top level activities list
[GVCRM-8418] - Saving user defined seminar booking attendee field as geo-coded errors
[GVCRM-8426] - 82147S: Users are unable to view emails imported into Gold-Vision
[GVCRM-8431] - User defined fields are missing from the quote items sub-list
[GVCRM-8446] - User defined drop field showing the guid instead of the drop option text in quote lines list
[GVCRM-8447] - Google geocoding not processing
[GVCRM-8461] - Users able to run Connect campaigns when they are not a Connect user, which silently fail
[GVCRM-8463] - Campaign media type is set to Email (Standard) by default - change to Email (Connect)
[GVCRM-8464] - Loqate API services discontinue legacy TLS support
[GVCRM-8470] - Sections based on "IFrames" are not rendered at their full height in IE
[GVCRM-8479] - Re-licencing an SSO enabled instance that results in a different Customer Key causes SSO to break
[GVCRM-8480] - Selecting a value for an Additional Multi-Select field causes an error message to be issues
[GVCRM-8484] - Pre-dedupe check is showing mandatory fields (that are not set to de-dupe)
[GVCRM-8489] - Upgrading the IdentityModel version in Gold-Vision causes SSO to break
[GVCRM-8494] - Unable to display the (AC_MUID_1) additional multi-select field in the accounts list
[GVCRM-8496] - 82467S: Quote templates are not working since last update
[GVCRM-8532] - Upgrading version 8 removes denormalised muid links table data
27th June 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8451] - Internal update to 8.5.0 failed - migration pre-checks for unexpected layouts and objects

7th May 2019

Minor Features

[GVCRM-4714] - Users can use multi-select to replace field data for all selected items
[GVCRM-4716] - User can select multiple items from a list and delete selected items
[GVCRM-7954] - Users can enable a duplicate pre-check when creating new items
[GVCRM-7982] - Users can control screen design rules based on parent item drop downs
[GVCRM-7983] - Users can use parent-drop relationships from parent record items
[GVCRM-8323] - Users can see ancestor field data on new item screens
[GVCRM-8328] - Version 7 to 8 Upgrade deployment preparation

[GVCRM-2485] - Error occurs when creating campaign stage follow-up rules for Account Manager (cannot reproduce)
[GVCRM-7405] - Document storage fails with access denied error (hosted product)
[GVCRM-7502] - Notice board does not load in correspondence view (won't fix)
[GVCRM-7507] - Scheduled quotes first column heading not pulling through (cannot reproduce)
[GVCRM-7882] - Promoting a lead with no contact name creates a blank contact
[GVCRM-7885] - 80725S: Selecting a start date against a project with no end date on screen errors
[GVCRM-7984] - Activities list missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7985] - Account list missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7986] - Appointments List missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7987] - Basic User list missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7988] - Contacts List missing several fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7990] - Notes list missing fields and missing some field links for API consumption
[GVCRM-7991] - Opportunity list missing fields and missing some field links for API consumption
[GVCRM-7992] - Product List missing fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-7993] - Quotes list missing fields and missing some field links for API consumption
[GVCRM-7995] - Top Level Quote Items List missing key fields for API consumption
[GVCRM-8042] - Saving a contact displays an error (Cannot reproduce)
[GVCRM-8106] - Charts don't update when the list filter changes (Could not reproduce)
[GVCRM-8165] - Additional fields for activity screens causing opportunity and project activity sub lists to error
[GVCRM-8169] - When adding an Account Activity from a Seminar the Seminar field is not pre-filled and an error occurs when clicking into the field
[GVCRM-8170] - Can't use funnel search on emails
[GVCRM-8179] - Error on first loading Flows view from Activities list
[GVCRM-8180] - Lead setting 'Invalidate Lead emails already in Gold-Vision' not being respected
[GVCRM-8182] - Data Transfer Service exposing un-handled exceptions when run via plugin service
[GVCRM-8191] - Blanket XML validation causing performance lag - validation only required on change
[GVCRM-8240] - Cloning a lead design throws an error
[GVCRM-8250] - Mobile sublist counts always show "0"
[GVCRM-8255] - Slow performance due to un-cached per-user designs
[GVCRM-8266] - Unable to create new fields in screen designer for Accounts/Contacts
[GVCRM-8269] - Global search performance slow in Chrome (switch to use websockets)
[GVCRM-8272] - Additional MUID tables are missing on Gold-Vision 7 to 8 upgrades
[GVCRM-8284] - Performance improvement for lists (not loading associated screen designs unless required)
[GVCRM-8288] - Showing and hiding of backwards and forwards navigation logic incorrect
[GVCRM-8290] - Version 7 to 8 upgrades fail when implementation uses lead lists
[GVCRM-8293] - Performance for new items slow due to un-cached loading of screen design
[GVCRM-8294] - Performance of screens using visibility rules slow due to multiple unnecessary calls to load rules
[GVCRM-8303] - Not possible to use list item paging controls for email search list
[GVCRM-8305] - Installation process creating duplicate plugin service
[GVCRM-8316] - Twitter Social Auth token generation does not work
[GVCRM-8317] - Facebook Social Auth token generation does not work
[GVCRM-8332] - Outbound phone calls made not showing in the top level call record list
[GVCRM-8368] - Some lead lists do not have their database views rebuilt correctly on upgrade
[GVCRM-8376] - Attempting to clone a lead list design that has promotion mappings on "layout columns" causes error
[GVCRM-8378] - Not possible to add users (members) to activities
[GVCRM-8394] - Flagging a field for new and existing de-duplication does not render for new item quick de-duplication
[GVCRM-8417] - Bit fields should not be possible to by made mandatory
[GVCRM-8427] - Saving field config for numeric fields without specifying a default value stores NaN and prevents validation on subsequent saves
[GVCRM-8432] - Access denied message displays incorrectly on screen
[GVCRM-8434] - Opportunity list is not inline editable on some hosted instances
[GVCRM-8439] - Marketing automation processing not running
[GVCRM-8467] - 82393S: Error message on screen design for multi drop field
14th May 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8184] - Unable to claim leads generated via touch points

this [GVCRM-8254] - Unable to un-delete contacts

this [GVCRM-8261] - No column options visible when adding a column to a list

this [GVCRM-8325] - Not possible to scroll "To Do" list in the action centre

this [GVCRM-8334] - 81787S: Unable to add new lead to a lead List

3th May 2019

Minor Features

[GVCRM-7759] - Remove cache expiry time for performance improvement
[GVCRM-8125] - X button (top right) takes the user back to the previous page
[GVCRM-8134] - Users can navigate to the next/previous or other items from the originating list

[GVCRM-2486] - Not possible to set up touch point categories and colour
[GVCRM-2496] - Unable to add fields to report design in IE
[GVCRM-2503] - Products added to sessions are not editable
[GVCRM-3431] - Changes to categories are not visible to users until cache is cleared
[GVCRM-7331] - Actions for a list are not updated until the cache is cleared
[GVCRM-7482] - Hybrid mode configuration screen not correctly filtering
[GVCRM-7551] - Horizontal scroll bars for lists affect all lists when more than one is present on screen
[GVCRM-7615] - Top level menu navigation broken on iPad
[GVCRM-7698] - Product sales list grouping by product group doesn't work correctly
[GVCRM-7753] - Sort order of pinned lists does not persist
[GVCRM-7764] - Add/ removing items from a schedule/ subscription or changing qty doesn't work
[GVCRM-7798] - Swimlane visibility is not persisted when a flows view is filtered or reloaded
[GVCRM-7806] - Campaign stage overview not showing correct numeric stats
[GVCRM-7843] - Printing a list causes an error
[GVCRM-7918] - Bulk-replace dialog fails to load the list of fields the first time it is opened
[GVCRM-7925] - Can't email contact from contacts sublist against account
[GVCRM-7960] - Search helper for drop options is not working
[GVCRM-7998] - Cache not cleared when importing a lead list causing issues when attempting to view the leads
[GVCRM-8010] - Access denied error for document storage on some on-premises installations
[GVCRM-8034] - Deleting an activity dead-ends the user
[GVCRM-8077] - Inline editing a quote line does not update quote prices
[GVCRM-8107] - Copying a report errors when it is run
[GVCRM-8112] - List font and padding too large compared to other system areas - so not enough data rendered
[GVCRM-8113] - Clicking back from an item with the list on the left puts the list on the main content AND keeps it on the left
[GVCRM-8114] - Reporting on extension lists grouped by a user errors on run
[GVCRM-8123] - Setting the "Including in Opportunity" flag is not respected at overall opportunity level
[GVCRM-8138] - Scheduler not updating the total of the quote
[GVCRM-8141] - Appointments count tile not showing correctly against an account
[GVCRM-8143] - My Favourites requires preview of name of favourite
[GVCRM-8147] - Quote default currency not setting correctly
[GVCRM-8154] - Unable to click in to the subject line of a new note in order to enter text
[GVCRM-8156] - Clicking on an email subject from the attachment list errors
[GVCRM-8164] - Legacy Xml definition screen missing from settings
[GVCRM-8168] - When creating a new Quote from an Opportunity the Price List field reverts to None/default in edit mode
[GVCRM-8177] - Bulk assign option for leads not available to system admins
[GVCRM-8186] - Performance slow due to load time of cache (solved by pre-load)
[GVCRM-8187] - Installation migration runner tool requires a valid licence to run
[GVCRM-8193] - Sub-lists are being included in user recent navigation history which is confusing
[GVCRM-8197] - Item save always creates and links a new folder before checking if one already exists
[GVCRM-8200] - Not able to inline edit quote in lists and sub-lists
[GVCRM-8201] - Menu sharing permissions for non-admin users too restrictive
[GVCRM-8213] - Performance slow due to lack of shared cache data between list headers, list data, and inline editing
[GVCRM-8220] - Correspondence not loading for any item
[GVCRM-8224] - 81491S: Error when assigning leads
[GVCRM-8226] - Setting field privacy rules to a design that contains more than one parent field blocks user from loading/creating/editting/screen desigining items of that design with no way to rectify
[GVCRM-8238] - Global search is broken and returns no results
[GVCRM-8244] - Search input of user search control when broadcasting a note is not usable
[GVCRM-8246] - Bulk importing a language label file does not clear cache
[GVCRM-8248] - No financial entities are available in the drop down on the Price List screen
[GVCRM-8251] - Loading the home page does not clear left list from view
[GVCRM-8267] - Gold-Link and legacy views fail to load performance insights
[GVCRM-8270] - Lists set to Calendar/Flows view are too small when pinned to home page
[GVCRM-8278] - Lead lists screen design is causing request overload error on save
23rd April 2019

Critical Fixes

this [GVCRM-8190] - Manually applying a licence does not update the registered details resulting in an invalid licence

23rd April 2019

Minor Features

[GVCRM-7744] - Automated licencing system
[GVCRM-7830] - Users can bulk replace the top-level activities list
[GVCRM-7860] - Administrators can disable users when over-licence in order to access the system again
[GVCRM-8071] - Users can specify the list option when creating a new widget
[GVCRM-8085] - Improved experience for Bulk Replace job processing
[GVCRM-8144] - A Lead can be saved against a lead list from Umbraco
[GVCRM-8145] - A list of lead lists can be retrieved from gold-vision using the API

[GVCRM-2492] - Not possible to save touchpoint rules on mobile view due to validation errors
[GVCRM-2493] - The "Use All Available" checkbox for the Social Accounts section of a Touch Point Rule does not clear/enable other checkboxes
[GVCRM-2584] - Items are occasionally duplicated on custom menus
[GVCRM-2615] - Default category colour is white, which cannot be read with default text colour
[GVCRM-2638] - Allowing a user access to leads is not updated for a user until the cache is reloaded
[GVCRM-2936] - Adding a primary contact from the "what's next" prompt does not update the account record
[GVCRM-4288] - Disabled and non-users see an error message instead of a meaningful message
[GVCRM-7278] - Calendar integration dialog doesn't reload data after save
[GVCRM-7357] - Marketing automation run "between" option missing date pickers
[GVCRM-7531] - Global settings for calendar sync causes per-user configuration to fail
[GVCRM-7537] - LiveChat transcripts displaying twice in correspondence view
[GVCRM-7614] - Correspondence order and screen size incorrect/unhelpful
[GVCRM-7623] - 'Toggle Filters' option on a dashboard performs no action
[GVCRM-7633] - Cannot edit a newly created dashboard widget
[GVCRM-7636] - Error when attempting to delete a user
[GVCRM-7637] - Adding link from Appointment to Activities list doesn't display any open activities to select from
[GVCRM-7641] - The data is not saved when editing the 'details' box in an existing appointment
[GVCRM-7642] - Can't add Product Sales list to an account as a sub-list in screen design
[GVCRM-7644] - Editing a homepage dashboard widget shows incorrect figures
[GVCRM-7691] - Fields configured with a highlight rule are always being displayed at end of list
[GVCRM-7692] - Opening a list from recent area of the action centre adds additional columns to the end of the list for each highlight rule
[GVCRM-7735] - Attendee clash feedback is not obvious and easy to miss
[GVCRM-7749] - Appointment list not showing on recent when loaded from menu
[GVCRM-7790] - Cannot drill down in a manual contact or account marketing source rule
[GVCRM-7791] - List search / global search with special characters fails
[GVCRM-7793] - Filters from a previous and unrelated list search are being retained in newly created dashboard widget
[GVCRM-7816] - Double clicking on a filter in a list does not clear the filter and the list is not refreshed
[GVCRM-7817] - Changing the column in a list on an iPad does not update the column in the associated filter helper
[GVCRM-7818] - Error when opening accounts/contacts from Campaign Source Included/Excluded lists
[GVCRM-7834] - Global search not returning account records when the name includes an ampersand
[GVCRM-7876] - Contact Activity Appointments are not visible against the parent Contact of the Activity
[GVCRM-7892] - Target Lines appear behind column data on target charts
[GVCRM-7895] - Touch point sub lists do not use the specific touch-point list view
[GVCRM-7924] - Various issues saving and running reports post upgrade
[GVCRM-7927] - Re- assigning contact results in wrong address and phone number
[GVCRM-7934] - The Product Name column against the Products List for a Seminar Session appears to be clickable but does nothing
[GVCRM-7936] - Adding more columns to opportunities/quotes list than is designed on blocks inline edit
[GVCRM-7957] - Hiding swim lanes causes filter issues
[GVCRM-7962] - Connect data not synching to a campaign stage
[GVCRM-8004] - Adding a column on flows view hides all cards
[GVCRM-8007] - Screen design errors when moving a field from one field group to another
[GVCRM-8009] - Not possible to scroll the touch points list
[GVCRM-8015] - Swimlanes based on additional drop down fields error
[GVCRM-8016] - Quote refresh not updating values on save
[GVCRM-8018] - Campaign sources created between version 8.0 and 8.3 cannot be opened
[GVCRM-8020] - Cancel from de-dupe dialog dead-ends user
[GVCRM-8021] - Users can still open deleted users from the Recent menu
[GVCRM-8022] - Owner not a highlight option on appointment view
[GVCRM-8023] - The Attachment Search list does not load
[GVCRM-8030] - Error message when deleted a Campaign Stage
[GVCRM-8032] - Not able to open contact from quote record
[GVCRM-8033] - Copy Event does not save the correct time
[GVCRM-8037] - Calendar view errors for activities list for user defined drop field highlighting
[GVCRM-8038] - Completing a project/opportunity completes the activities without warning
[GVCRM-8039] - Updating an account activity errors on save
[GVCRM-8041] - Event not clickable in Sessions list
[GVCRM-8043] - Attempting to load the alert trace list causes performance impact
[GVCRM-8045] - Time sheet extension not updating time totals on save
[GVCRM-8048] - Unable to scroll touch points list view until expanding a touchpoint
[GVCRM-8049] - Value on an opportunity cannot be set manually when no quotes exist
[GVCRM-8050] - Seminar session drop downs are not configurable
[GVCRM-8052] - Adding column to a list returns no results
[GVCRM-8053] - Incorrect label displayed when adding a new column to a list
[GVCRM-8054] - Exporting a report to .csv doesn't work
[GVCRM-8060] - Several child fields missing from top level lists
[GVCRM-8061] - Incorrect time on appointment in calendar view based on user time zone
[GVCRM-8064] - Flows view shows no cards when swimlane not selected as a visible column
[GVCRM-8066] - Item overview count drill downs not obeying default "fixed" drop down filters
[GVCRM-8067] - Email body cannot be scrolled when popped out into a screen
[GVCRM-8069] - Recent list shows Seminar Booking ID instead of summary
[GVCRM-8074] - Appointments detail field is showing CKEditor which syncs HTML to external appointments
[GVCRM-8075] - Changing start/end date of appointment doesn't automaitcally move the schedule to that day
[GVCRM-8079] - Creating a note for a Seminar or Seminar Booking causes multiple entries to be shown when saved
[GVCRM-8081] - Summary field missing from Quote Items list design
[GVCRM-8082] - Updating appointment details field does sync correctly to external appointment record
[GVCRM-8087] - Booking contact does not default to booking account but instead users have to search all contacts
[GVCRM-8088] - Issue with flow when selecting different view types from a list
[GVCRM-8090] - Not possible to open a contact link on from an event attendee record
[GVCRM-8091] - 81197S: Create notes not working
[GVCRM-8093] - Appointment edit action not visible on main toolbar (only under more actions menu)
[GVCRM-8095] - Can't click through or pop out the 3rd product against a quote
[GVCRM-8098] - Multi-select drop down fields breaks integration mappings screen
[GVCRM-8099] - Slow performance when attempting to load multiple lists on a homepage dashboard
[GVCRM-8100] - Drop options with a long title spills out of the top of flows view and hides the top link for all the cards
[GVCRM-8101] - Scrolling flows view vertically with only vertical lanes does not update header
[GVCRM-8102] - Setting default calendar settings does not apply to user configuration
[GVCRM-8109] - Marketing contact preference boxes are un-ticked by default and cannot be configured otherwise
[GVCRM-8110] - Parent drop options are not configurable from the admin drop options list
[GVCRM-8111] - Drop option configuration screen should only show the relevant states for that drop
[GVCRM-8115] - Appointment calendar time showing incorrectly for current users time zone
[GVCRM-8119] - Calendar sync doesn't work when using default calendar setup
[GVCRM-8137] - Licence error screen fails to display when licence is invalid (not relating to user counts)
[GVCRM-8139] - Recent Events, Attachments, and Documents, options missing from main view menu
[GVCRM-8140] - Assigned categories not appearing against contacts
[GVCRM-8146] - Document sub folder structure is too long with too many child levels
[GVCRM-8150] - Disabled users see a nice warning message but still can access the system
[GVCRM-8159] - Lead Assignment List does not display any data
[GVCRM-8162] - Adding multiple lists to a home page dashboard affects performance of that dashboard load
[GVCRM-8163] - Adding products to a quote causes a temporary error
9th April 2019

Minor Features

[GVCRM-7742] - New user levels for licencing to match commercials

[GVCRM-3773] - View menu appointments and email tiles incorrectly labelled
[GVCRM-3918] - The magnifying glass in the Global search box can't be clicked on to open the search box
[GVCRM-7200] - Error using stage picker against an opportunity
[GVCRM-7203] - Type drop options in the filter helper for activities list only shows options available to account activity
[GVCRM-7516] - Unable to open the Scheduled Quotes list menu option
[GVCRM-7524] - Lead duplicates list not loading from information header section
[GVCRM-7525] - Adding list columns past a default filtered column returns nothing
[GVCRM-7559] - Systems that use a service user for mail tracking do not have emails sent from the correct user
[GVCRM-7776] - Lead list type not a rendered as a drop down on all systems
[GVCRM-7787] - Bulk replace on products list fails
[GVCRM-7801] - Issue with inline edit on a ToDo List
[GVCRM-7810] - Document generation for UNC paths dead-ends users without visibility of file or folder location
[GVCRM-7832] - Cannot save new contact activity records
[GVCRM-7844] - Appointment location does not default to the account address
[GVCRM-7852] - Custom lists with additional columns loads the same page of data when scrolling
[GVCRM-7855] - Time spent extension view shows no data
[GVCRM-7859] - Alert list errors in action centre for lead-based alerts
[GVCRM-7864] - Email scroll bar not always present (no way of reading full email)
[GVCRM-7877] - Notes dialog is too big on iPhone obstructing the cancel and save buttons
[GVCRM-7878] - Lead promotion not presenting duplicate records
[GVCRM-7894] - Initial appointment notes are sticky on all correspondence views
[GVCRM-7896] - Schedule section is broken after adding attendees on a new appointment
[GVCRM-7897] - Opportunities quotes sub list missing quote closed date
[GVCRM-7901] - Creating a new campaign stage not correctly setting stage "type"
[GVCRM-7905] - Creating a campaign Source from a lead list fails
[GVCRM-7909] - Custom Product fields not available in Quote ltems
[GVCRM-7910] - Issue with Create new Lead function from LiveChat
[GVCRM-7917] - Unable to bulk-replace Currency fields
[GVCRM-7919] - Users with only read access to products are able to create new products from the products list
[GVCRM-7922] - Unable to open reports generated from extension items
[GVCRM-7930] - Server error opening certain attachments
[GVCRM-7938] - Issue with Marketing Automation not running
[GVCRM-7942] - New integration shop front page does not work on new installs
[GVCRM-7943] - New items from a sub list do not have "Save" option and dead-end user
[GVCRM-7952] - Homepage tabs / screens with a sublist incorrectly change the browser title to be the last sublist that is loaded
[GVCRM-7953] - Unable to view drilldown lists on tablet/mobile
[GVCRM-7961] - Event 'Type' has not migrated from version 7 as a drop down
[GVCRM-7965] - Flows view duplicating cards when using filter helpers
[GVCRM-7969] - Inline editing an item in the Action Centre is not displayed correctly
[GVCRM-7976] - Incorrect browser title when opening items via pop out or click through
[GVCRM-7978] - Financial entities drop downs appear blank with no options
[GVCRM-8002] - Lead management imports fail to process
[GVCRM-8006] - Project activities are created incorrectly with a due reminder ''0 minues''
[GVCRM-8024] - Unable to reassign leads to users
[GVCRM-8025] - Reducing access for a mail tracking user that has access to the hybrid mode URL still allows access
19th March 2019

Minor Features

[GVCRM-7552] - 79774S: Users can forward and reply to emails through O365
[GVCRM-7675] - Users can drag cards on flows view to update data
[GVCRM-7676] - Users can exclude swimlane or column options on flows view
[GVCRM-7678] - Users can optionally select a numeric summary field for swimlane / columns on flows view
[GVCRM-7681] - Users can view more cards per cell manually when the maximum has been reached on flows view
[GVCRM-7718] - Users are warned when data update not possible when dragging cards on flows view
[GVCRM-7719] - Clicking on a Calendar item displays a card with more information about the item
[GVCRM-7823] - Cards highlights and additional data types on flows view
[GVCRM-7824] - Sticky column / row headers on flows view
[GVCRM-7828] - User can see total number of cards per lane on flows view
[GVCRM-7829] - Users can only see editable fields in the bulk replace dialog
[GVCRM-7845] - Users can see the current item, list, or view title in the browser tab title
[GVCRM-7846] - Users are not dead-ended when opening an item from a drill-down list
[GVCRM-7848] - Users can add integrations to GV instances using external packages
[GVCRM-7863] - Ability to lock editing of drop option

[GVCRM-7481] - Unable to create a new Social Authentication tokens
[GVCRM-7569] - Not possible to change hybrid mode default user version after upgrade
[GVCRM-7620] - When creating appointments the parent item and parent type are not set
[GVCRM-7624] - 79808S: Deleting an item from subscription not working
[GVCRM-7645] - Unit field not populated for a product against a quote
[GVCRM-7697] - Appointment list typo on menu (not plural)
[GVCRM-7708] - Unable to see more than 4/5 events when drilling down from the calendar view
[GVCRM-7762] - Error when creating a source from anywhere other than Contacts
[GVCRM-7766] - Product description missing from schedules
[GVCRM-7767] - Can't open contact from activity screen
[GVCRM-7779] - 80014S: Duplicate drop option types for new campaign source
[GVCRM-7789] - Can not see days of the week in date picker
[GVCRM-7800] - Pressing hide swim lanes toggle button before the flows view had loaded causes an error
[GVCRM-7802] - CTRL+Click to pop out records does not work from flows view links
[GVCRM-7819] - Duration drop down is duplicated in calendar view on iPad
[GVCRM-7821] - Day and Week view in Calendar mode not rendering on iPhone
[GVCRM-7837] - Pin to menu template dialog's icon and header are incorrect
[GVCRM-7849] - Framework integrations are not working correctly
[GVCRM-7854] - No way to rename list fields that dont appear on a screen
[GVCRM-7881] - Calendar events with same start and end date/time do not display on day and week views
[GVCRM-7890] - Advanced settings should not be accessible to general users
[GVCRM-7899] - Basic users unable to access product screens
[GVCRM-7904] - When creating new fields for Multi-select and Drop-Downs there is no option to create the drop options.
[GVCRM-7915] - Clicking on an item from global search or recent does not clear left hand
[GVCRM-7926] - 79898S: Error when performing an update import to leads
[GVCRM-7933] - Global search loading spinner prevents user from doing anything else
[GVCRM-7944] - Lead import not loading newly imported list data

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