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New Features and Improvements

Key New Features:


Gold-Vision now provides built in support for logging time against a variety of items. Use the time option against products to sell time against purchases made using quotes. 
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We have added a variety of improvements including adding a Site Picker to Quick Quotes, Opportunities, Projects, Profiles, Activities, Campaigns, Seminars and Seminar Sessions. 
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Webform Integrations

Lead management can enable the capture of leads into Gold-Vision.  You may already have a web form on your website which captures your lead data.  Now you can use our web form integration to capture this data automatically into Gold-Vision. 
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Enhancements & Updates:

Short Codes

Short codes have been built into Gold-Vision to achieve the following purposes:

  1. Provide a unique reference number for each item in Gold-Vision. This can be used as an alternative to reference numbers if required, especially if Gold-Vision is integrated with a 3rd party system.
  2. However, the main purpose will be delivered in a future development phase. It will be a more visible and user-friendly reference for launching a record page, rather than the current complex looking GUID. 

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Improvements to the Campaign's user interface are included in this release to improve usability of Campaign Recipient data. The Campaign Stage type “Standard” as well as the Email Body tab have been removed as these were redundant, it has been replaced with “Other” for future Campaign improvements.
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Updates in this release:

Campaign Source:

  • improvements to be able to filter “All” data was previously duplicated, filtering included and excluded recipients now exclusively shows either included or excluded data.
  • to enable users to quickly update contact data inline edit is now available on the Campaign Source recipient list.
  • the contact is now clickable within a Campaign Source.
  • an issue with viewing lead recipient data to include phone, email, fax data against a lead has now been resolved.
  • on save of a Campaign Source the valid and invalid recipients are now clickable from the overview.
  • able to exclude Recipients from Campaign Source Overview
  • Campaign Sources are now filterable against a stage by “All”, “Team” and “My” security to improve the ability to filter and search sources.
  • Recipient Count and Valid and Invalid Statistics are correct
  • Campaign Source - Leads - Recipients now displays Email, Phone, Fax and Address data against the Recipients list

Campaign Stage:

  • Campaign Stage Details (Cost, Value open, Value Won, etc.) have correct values to facilitate ROI
  • Campaign Activities are visible when run against a Campaign Stage
  • from a Campaign Activity you can now create a Booking as well as Appointment and Opportunity.
  • copy Campaign Stage no longer errors if a rule has been included in the copied Stage.

Marketing Automation: 

  • ability to pause and re-start Campaign Stage automation has been included.
  • additional data related to the Run is now available from the Campaign Stage overview to include the automation schedule details.


Previously known as “Seminars” in Gold-Vision, the item has now been renamed Events by default.  The release includes some key changes to the underlying framework of Events to enable integration via API endpoints.  This initial phase will manage some of the structural underlying changes without core changes to the screen design or Events view.
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Key scenarios that these changes are intended to support:

  1. Training programmes: typically represented with multiple events for each type of course, a company may wish to make a single booking for the entire programme. One booking for multiple events will be available with the next phase.
  2. Large capacity events with small capacity sessions
  3. Webinar programme: To begin with, the attendees aren't always important enough to be contacts and they might not be prospective customers / leads. But the attendee is still a known person.

Gold-Vision administrators will be able to select how anonymous attendees are assigned to an account.  The options will include: a single holding account for all events; a holding account per event

Updates in this release:

  • Additional key fields to enable this process have been included in the Gold-Vision Screen design against an Event, e.g., Number of places available and booked. 
  • Additional fields now available from the Booking Attendee screen design, also allowing addition to reporting field options.
  • Booking Attendee fields now appearing in Event Booking Attendee sub list.
  • Able to create a seminar/event booking from a Contact Activity.
  • Common contact fields such as (first name, last name, email etc.) are available to be added to the Booking Attendee screen, when an attendee is associated to a Contact these fields are locked as read only.
  • Column headings added and all list columns linked to their screen fields so users are able to change the labels.
  • Products can be associated with an Event as well as a Session. 
  • Product management works in the same way as a booking in that any products associated to the event are added to the booking on creation.
  • Reminder alerts have been added as a feature against the Booking Attendee record.
  • Aster API - Event Messaging - Developers can provide an event id in a request to track the process status. Ability to configure target endpoint OAuth 2.0 credentials in EventMessageSettings.

Appointments & Calendar

Improvements to Appointments and Calendar view are included in this release to improve usability of appointments data on desktop and mobile devices and improved O365 synchronisation with Gold-Vision. The user journey has been improved with added schedule functionality with a more intuitive Calendar View user interface.
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Updates in this release:

Appointments added functionality:

  • Appointments now have Organisers and Owners with Owners having full access to amend Appointments.
  • Account & Contact Appointments schedule will default to Account Contacts, with option to then search for Contacts from other Accounts.
  • Parent fields are auto populated when Appointments are created.
  • Appointments created against Contact Activities display on the Contact Appointments list.

Mobile device improvements:

  • Appointments week view is now displayed as a list grouped by day.
  • Improved mobile control options to view Appointments by Day/Week/Month.

Calendar and List View improvements:

  • New Appointments options in User Preferences to re-set default view by Schedule/ Calendar, by Day/Week/Month and time slots.
  • Easy setup for new Appointment - simply click within the Calendar at the preferred time/ day.
  • Drag n' drop functionality to change time slot in the Calendar View.
  • Activities can be dragged and dropped in ToDo Calendar View.
  • New option to use Highlight key to set by Parent item in Calendar View.
  • Users can now filter in Appointments list based on Reminder alert.

Quotes & Products

  • Quote reference number can be updated
  • A Gold-Vision Administrator can now set rules on a screen design section against a Quote, this will no longer affect the Quick Quote page visibility.
  • When using the Copy Quote feature, Tax Code is now copied.
  • Quote Margin is now an automatically updated field.
  • Pricelist inline edit is now available, and the Live product picker is filterable.
  • Restriction of 49 Quote line items being visible has been extended.
  • Quote Line fully expands in quote lines sublist


Note Alerts:

  • Note alerts can be used to remind users or contacts when a note is either added or updated.
  • Note alerts can be triggered on any item based on fields set or updated against the parent. For instance, you may want a user to be notified when a specific field is updated against their accounts.

Administration Settings:

  • This release includes the ability to Search for items within the Screen Design area.
  • Administrators can also use “Where’s my field” within the Action button of a Screen Design to quickly find a field.
  • Critical fields are now visible on screen and within Screen Design of each item.
  • Records will no longer save if critical item fields are missing from Screen Design.
  • Screen Designer: Configure Drop Options dialog is now available as full width
  • Screen Designer Save no longer causing duplicate override settings to default


  • Price List - Users can now Inline Edit a price list
  • Sticky notes appear at the top of Notes list
  • Flows view no longer shows inactive drop options as swim lanes
  • Deactivated Stages no longer appearing in Project Flows
  • Lead Forensics Touchpoints can be viewed with any duration filter in the rule

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