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Managing Quotes

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Users can easily manage their sales Quotes from within Opportunities.

Primary Quote Actions 

Adding Products To Quotes

To add required products to your quote click the Add product button. See how to manage Quote Products here. 

Add Notes to a Quote record

Notes can be added to the quote record by clicking Note icon. Click here to find out more about Creating & Using Notes.

Add Links to a quote record

Setting links and relationships between Quote records and other Gold-Vision items can be done by clicking the links icon on the Quote menu.

Select the item type that you would like to link to the Account, select the Relationship then click Add. 

Creating document templates from a Quote 

Document templates can be created from a Quote record using the Word icon.

To find out more about how to create templates please visit our Creating A Document From A Template page. 

Further Quote Actions 

Copying Quotes

You can create as many Quotes as needed for an Opportunity.

It may be that you have sent a Quote to a customer and they have asked you to send two quotes for the same business but for one Quote they would like additional items to be included or excluded.

To speed the process up you could use the Copy Quote functionality from a Quote Record that you have already created.


Select delete if you would like to delete the quote from the opportunity. 


Use this option if you would like to email the Quote Contact from within Gold-Vision. 

Reorder Products 

Use this option if you want to order product in a custom way or by field

Reset Product Prices 

If the product prices have been changed, use this option to rest to default values. 

Reset Product Tax 

If the product tax has been changed, use this option to rest to default values.