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Create Dashboards or Menus for your team

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Create Homepage Dashboards or Menus for your team and make them public.

This will help to make sure everyone is working from the same sales data.

Dashboards can be created from your Product Sales List, Forecast list, Quotes and Opportunity Lists 

Create Product Sales Dashboards 

From the Product Sales list filter the list as required, click Views and Reports select Create New Widget than add it to a New or Existing Home Page Dashboard 

Make your Dashboard Public 

If you would like other users to view your Home Page Dashboard make this public by Sharing it. 

Create a Menu for your Team

Add regularly used items to a menu and enable this for visibility by your team.  Using the Actions menu as above select to "Pin To Menu" your filtered list or view from any item.

Enter a name for your list and select either an Existing Menu or create a New menu from this screen.

For more information on how to create Dashboards visit  Widgets, Dashboards & Reports