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Gold-Vision 8 Upgrade Planning

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What will Gold-Vision look like when it has been migrated from 7 to 8?

  • All labels and object names will remain configured.
  • The header and details page will be as Gold-Vision 7.
  • All User Defined pages will appear as tabs. 
  • The Overview section will show a count of your items.

  • Header - with all fields in your version 7.
  • Categories - will be migrated as your version 7.
  • Correspondence - notes and emails. Note - within the screen designer you will need to add the Document section to your individual items. (see Adding Sections below). All existing documents in Gold-Vision 7 will be automatically uploaded.

  • Lists, reports, dashboards and homepage dashboards will remain the same.
  • ToDo, Alerts and Recent Events are now in the Action Centre on the right hand side of the screen

  • Favourites will be converted to a Menu.

What Next?

  • Decide how you want your items to look – all on one scrollable page, multiple pages or a combination.
  • Decide what key information you want to display and who you want to be able to see certain pages. 
  • Create menus based on teams or processes, amend your lists to suit your requirements.

Please note: if you use any of the following, you may wish to delay your upgrade until later in the year.

Gold-Vision functionality
Legacy CampaignsPlease speak to your Account Manager if you are still using Legacy Campaigns
AdobePlanned for Q2
Route PlannerPlanned for Q2
Bulk document production / letter campaigns. Currently works in 8 using word mail mergePlanned for Q2
Contact Outlook synchPlanned for Q2
TPS Import Please speak to your Account Manager if you use the TPS Import
Local document storageThis is no longer supported in Gold-Vision 8. Please contact support if you have users who use templates stored on their machine rather than accessing shared documents
Outlook Campaigns

Do to the fact that Microsoft no longer support Activex Controls which Version 7 used we are unable to offer this as a feature in Gold-Vision 8. 

However, you can extract your campaign source or campaign recipients to a csv file from the Campaign and use this information to create a campaign with Outlook using mail merge.

Mobile and tablet access – log on as usual on a table or mobile, Gold-Vision looks the same.