Gold-Vision 8 Upgrade

How do I book my Gold-Vision 8 upgrade?

You need to submit the Gold-Vision 8 Upgrade Form which is available via our new Gold-Vision Help Site. We will then review based on your preferred timing and requirements from a user and technical perspective and arrange a time with you. 

Will we be updated automatically?

No. Unlike recent updates, we won’t automatically apply the v8 update to your Gold-Vision instance. Instead, we’ll arrange a time to schedule a full upgrade for you. This is to ensure that you can plan your upgrade and we can provide a good level of customer service to each customer as they upgrade.

If I am Hosted, how do I find out what Version of Gold-Vision I am on?

When logged into Gold-Vision, from any screen, in the bottom left hand corner, you will see a Version control, this is showing the Version of Gold-Vision that you are on.   

Will I be able to upgrade from any current Gold-Vision version?

No. Due to the way some of the new features we’re bringing in with 8 work, we need to ensure that you are on the very latest version of Gold-Vision before we are able to apply the upgrade.

What will happen to our current Gold-Vision system when we upgrade?

There is a direct upgrade path for your data, existing processes and settings. You will also be able to view your previous Gold-Vision 7 system via a "Hybrid" mode. This will assist with your review of how best to optimise Gold-Vision 8 before you move your team fully to the new version.

Can I take this opportunity to improve my system?

Yes! You will be able to use our online resources to understand the new features available. We will also be offering service options for upgrade assistance and confirm associated costs as required.

What if I want to stay on version 7?

Customers who do not wish to upgrade to version 8 will be given the option to do so. However, we will only be carrying out security related maintenance for version 7 and although not defined at this time, there will inevitable be a future date when support will be limited to Gold-Vision 8. 

What about my customisations or bespoke integrations?

We always endeavour to build future-proofed, upgrade-safe customisations for our customers but cannot provide a 100% guarantee here. For each customer, we will assess what is fully upgradeable and advise if any additional work is required, including associated cost.

Depending on the customisation that was developed for or by you, you may notice that some new features in Gold-Vision 8 remove the need for them or provide a similar solution.

Will I need extra training?

Yes and no! Anyone who is familiar with the concepts employed in version 7 will be able to use version 8 – it may look very different, but most functionality will feel familiar. We have put together a whole range of resources to help you:

- Gold-Vision 8 Help Site has resources to act as a guide for getting started with the new interface and features.

- Gold-Vision 8 Webinars that will talk you through the key differences and areas that you need to be aware of.

- Upgrade Assistance Packs to assist your preparations for upgrade and take full advantage of Gold-Vision 8 feature options - these can be arranged either remotely or onsite.

Book a Gold-Vision 8 Webinar

Gold-Vision 8 webinars will talk you through the key differences and areas that you need to be aware of. Visit our online schedule and book your place

Will there be any changes to the licencing & subscription options?

For existing customers we are not planning changes in the short term. We will be updating our product features to offer Essentials and Professional licence options going forward. These are designed to provide a feature rich set of functionality at a competitive price.

We will confirm how the new products will be applied for each customer and rest assured that any price increase will be reasonably set for existing customers. 

We will also be offering the option of a higher level of Club Support for customers who would like additional services as part of their agreement with us.

Further information regarding new support options will be confirmed in due course.

How quickly will I be able to arrange my Gold-Vision 8 upgrade?

Please note that Gold-Vision 8 is a major upgrade and therefore we need to plan carefully with you to ensure the upgrade is completed as smoothly as possible. To give a good experience, we will schedule customers for their upgrades over the next few months. As far as possible we will try to fit with your date preference but this will depend on demand and assessing each customer's specific upgrade needs. 

I have more questions, what should I do?

Please keep a look out for further email updates but let us know if you have any specific queries that we can assist with.