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What's new in Gold-Vision 8

Contemporary design

We believe that great user interfaces should reflect the individual needs of their users and feel like second nature to use. This is why we have developed a user interface that is brighter, cleaner, and more visual than ever before.

Gold-Vision 8 introduces a suite of icons that are more instinctively recognisable and gives you the power to relate them to your processes.

You can also now see more of what you want within the same screen, and colour code items to give them a distinct identity that can be quickly recognised throughout the system.


Your can now reap the benefits of a truly enhanced, mobile-first experience with Gold-Vision 8.

Whether you’re creating a new contact, adding an appointment, or updating meeting notes, enjoy full CRM functionality wherever you are, on any device, without compromise.

Ideal for when you need quick access to customer contact details for that scheduled phone call on the go.

Simple by design

Keep the user experience simple in Gold-Vision 8, and dynamically meet the needs of your team, with a range of features that will revolutionise your processes without sacrificing functionality.

You can now customise your main menu navigation based on the unique needs of the business and individual roles of users. Users can pin key lists and items to their own area for quick access, increasing efficiency and saving time.

At every step, Gold-Vision 8 has been developed with your ease of use as a key priority, and Gold-Vision lists and pages are now more powerful as a result.

Our intelligent What’s Next prompts can help you get started with a new account in a matter of minutes. Suggesting logical next steps, the What’s Next area will help you progress the relationship without missing any vital information.

You can also customise and manipulate the screen to your needs and fit the way that you like to work.

Features include:

  • Scrollable screens which help to make lists easier to navigate
  • The option to add and remove columns, giving you the flexibility to manage as much or as little data as you want
  • Resizing and re-ordering columns based on personal preference
  • Floating in-line edit to help keep on top of editing records
  • Multi-select filtering that gives you the power to pick exactly what you want

Gold-Vision 8’s Screen Design Tool gives you the choice to display different versions of the same screen based on rules that you determine. Customise item screens to include multiple tabs or pages in any order, and add the following onto a single, scrollable page view:

  • Field sections
  • List, document, and correspondence sections
  • Widgets – such as quick overview counts showing how many contacts, opportunities, appointments there are.
  • Charts – item view charts, such as sales forecast by month

These sections bring the Overview page to life for each item, providing a high-level view of the relationship based on the key elements that matter to you, available in a single click.

or instance, when you’re working with prospects, being able to quickly view the number of contacts and appointments associated is vital. However, as the relationship progresses into that of a customer, it would probably be more beneficial to have quick access to the sales history for that customer.

The page view can also be customised by team or specific criteria, showing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Additionally, a screen can be set to display only basic fields when an opportunity is at an early enquiry stage. Then, as the opportunity progresses, additional fields can become available. Alternatively, you can choose to set rules that will mean that different teams will have a different view of an opportunity.

Gold-Vision 8’s powerful screen design also introduces a new field type which offers multi-select drop down options as standard. This enhances the quality of the data you can gather, where more than one option is required.

We have also introduced a new Correspondence View that gathers all important communications into one section. Email, Live Chat, and note history are now visible against any item, providing you with a full picture of interactions.

Multi-cultural and language

Modern business is becoming more and more globalised, and the need to nurture and encourage cultural diversity in the workplace is increasingly essential.

In response to this, Gold-Vision 8 has been developed to offer Multi-Language and Multi-Culture abilities. Your users can now add the languages, currencies and date formats that fit in with their locale or individual preferences, optimising their CRM experience.

Additional languages can simply be added to the system at any time, keeping the user experience a priority as your business grows, even at the most fundamental level.

Action Centre

It’s never been easier to manage your day and stay on top of your workload thanks to our new and improved Action Centre, providing you with a single place to see your:

  • Recent history
  • To-do lists
  • Emails
  • Alerts
  • Calendar Appointments

You can rely on the Action Centre to notify you before items go overdue, or when new alerts arrive. It is also up to you to choose to either pin your Action Centre to the screen and view it all of the time, or only when you want.

Search smarter

Finding what you need is easy with our new global search function.

Using a single search box, Gold-Vision 8 will examine many items at once and return items matching your query. You can also maximise your searches by using the item filters.

Gold-Vision administrators can define what items and custom fields are available for global search. For instance, project codes, keywords, postcodes or quote numbers can be made available, making items easier to find.

Alerting improvements

Gold-Vision 8 has made it easier to identify key or valued information at a quick glance, particularly helpful when in meetings or on the move.

For example, within lists, fields such as financial values can now be highlighted based on rules set up by administrators. As a result, Gold-Vision 8 can help you identify high-value opportunities by automatically highlighting opportunities above a certain value in a list in red (or a colour of your choosing).

Further details on the upgrade process will be available from January 2019 including details of the new Gold-Vision 8 helpsite. If you would like to find out more please email